so i was tagged by logan

six times i felt cute!!!

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Q: 20 (me duh)

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sansa + margaery | we move lightly

Q: 20 talk about me

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Q: 20 for me

daeneryus: (i really started to space out during this one sorry)

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Q: 5 12 14 and 20 (about me give me love)

asked by cisgirlau

vocaroo me pls


send me a number and i’ll answer with a vocaroo

  1. say your name, age and favorite food
  2. sing your all-time favorite song
  3. try to rap
  4. message to one of your biases
  5. read a line from your favorite fanfic/book
  6. say the word _____
  7. say something in another language (besides english)
  8. message to your followers
  9. talk about your day
  10. what would you do if _____
  11. sing a random song
  12. sing your favorite girl-group song
  13. sing your favorite boy-group song
  14. voice impersonation
  15. tell a joke
  16. favorite line from a tv series
  17. favorite line from a movie
  18. read the tags from one of your posts
  19. say a cuss word (or a lot idk up to you)
  20. comment on ____’s blog

the quest i was born to do